About Us

Our primary goal is to deliver a high quality products and satisfy all our clients needs that love cotton and clothes. Together with our associates we create a group that focus on material preparation, sewing, and decorating cotton clothes. Close cooperation with spinning, knitting, sewing, embroidering and printing companies helped us to become a leader in delivering a complete product for our customers and achieve their full satisfaction.

We offer new or our own clothes project designs, by customizing and adopting them to our client’s needs. By maintaining the color balance we make sure that an overall output is accurate to the customers order requirements as well as maintain high quality with it’s visual aspects. We do not like standards, each order is treated by our specialists separately. In order to maintain high quality and achieve our customer’s satisfaction, our specialists are constantly performing a quality control during each step of the production process. We have been already successfully working for the passed years with many companies in Poland and abroad. By having produced more the million items, and constantly growing our customer satisfaction we are aiming to become one of the leaders in Polish an International market in clothes production. Our maxims are:

  • Creating the best design for the best
  • Implementation in accordance with established requirements
  • Optimization of production costs
  • Meeting; high quality, durability and delivery timelines
  • Achieving Customer Satisfaction

We offer to our products, knitwear, made from best quality yarns, characterized in that they are very pleasing to the touch, soft and durable. Through the use of high quality knitted cotton, we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers. Our products have a classic style, are comfortable and durable. Production are made in colors selected by the customer in custom cuts of different types of fabrics.











Headquarter Address:
Grupa Glębocki
Tanitex Warszawa
ul. Słoneczna 52D
96-321 Słubica Dobra
phone. (22) 398 48 89
fax. (22) 300 01 20
Krzysztof Głębocki
ul. Słoneczna 52D
96-321 Słubica Dobra
mobile. +48 501 068 066
Anna Feliniak
ul. Pabianicka 184/186
lokal 6
93-402 Łódź
mobile. +48 517 668 559